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What Makes Agape Different?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Agape is different because of the intentional role they play to form and build authentic,

Christ-centered relationships through monthly mentoring. One-on-one mentoring is an important time of listening, encouragement, guidance, and prayer for and with the client.

During the time spent at Agape, the clients have the opportunity to be heard by someone that cares so much for them. This is the foundation in which the trust begins in order to ultimately point people to the One who hears and can truly guide and offer true hope. The beauty of this relational experience is it doesn’t stop with the mentors.

As the client stops to make their next appointment and go shopping, they are greeted by name and shown love and respect by everyone they come in contact with. Something we do that is unique or what the volunteers like to refer to as “The Cherry on Top” are the birthday baskets. These are lovingly created and beautifully displayed as a special treat when it is a client’s birthday month. Some of the clients eye the baskets for months knowing that they will get to choose one for their birthday. This is just another way the volunteers at the Agape Center show how much each client is loved and seen.

This is the picture of Christ; He knows each of us by name and loves us all with an Agape love. The volunteers at the Agape Center exhibit a Christ centered lifestyle and because of their love for God, His love is being poured out from volunteers to each client. So, although people may originally come in for the free tangible items, everyone leaves experiencing a love like Christ, acceptance, and even hope that they may have not had before. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of something as life changing in our community?

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