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Our staff are not trained as counselors, nor do we offer professional counseling.  Our mentors rely upon the Word of God to provide Biblical instruction and encouragement to those who come to the Agape Center.


It is important that you be aware that, as Agape Center staff, we are not exempt from  state and federal laws.


We are required to report any situation or individual who shares with us information concerning the following:


1. Child abuse

2. The intent to do physical harm to another person

3. The desire to physically harm oneself


Should you disclose this type of information at any time while at the Agape Center, we are required by law to report this to the appropriate authorities or see that you do.


We require, for our protection and yours, that you sign in the space provided on the back of the client application indicating your understanding of our legal responsibility to report both child abuse and the intent to commit physical harm to yourself or another person.

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