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What is "Mentoring"?

Agape Center Lynchburg offers Christ-centered mentoring. But what does that mean? New clients are often a bit wary when they arrive for their first appointment because they don't know what to expect from this aspect of our services. Prospective volunteers are a bit nervous when asked if they might be interested in mentoring.

No need to fear! Mentoring is just a big term for a simple idea. Biblical mentoring takes place when a mature Christ-follower comes alongside someone who may not be following the Lord, or who may need encouragement and tools to grow in their faith. Our mentors spend time developing relationships with our clients, getting to know them and listening to their stories and their struggles. Our mentors continue to hone their listening skills, learn appropriate ways to show empathy, and practice simple ways to share the Gospel with others.

Agape Center Mentors are not professional counselors. They do not try to "fix" our clients nor their problems. But our mentors know Who can help them. Our stated mission is to reflect God’s love by giving of ourselves and our resources as we submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to help individuals turn or return to a Christ-centered life. Our mentors yearn to point clients to God as their Creator, their Provider, their Protector, and their Heavenly Father. They love to share resources and tools such as Bibles, daily devotionals, and Bible studies with those who visit with us.

Another aspect of mentoring time at Agape is prayer. Our mentors pray with our clients. They pray over them and with them. They encourage clients to pray as well. It is a sweet time to usher them into the presence of God and show them that they are important and loved. The old saying is that "prayer changes things"...and it certainly does! It softens even the most skeptical and hard-hearted person. Clients sometimes end sessions in tears because of the sweet prayers of their mentors. They truly feel loved and feel the presence of God, the Father...often for the very first time.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about mentoring at Agape and why they love it:


"These people are angels. They’re awesome people with huge hearts, and I love them all!”


"The people at Agape Lynchburg made me feel like someone…I hadn’t felt that way in a long time.


"They pray for me and I feel loved by them."


"They are judgment-free and actually listen to you. They are truly a blessing!"


"I love how they pray with me and listen to me. I'm so glad the Lord brought me to Agape!"


If after reading this, you are thinking, "I would love to do that!" Please click the button below. It will take you to our "Client Mentoring" page for a bit more information about the process of becoming an Agape Center Lynchburg mentor. If you're feeling a tug at your heart, but you're still not sure, read below what current mentors have to say about their experiences, and prayerfully consider joining us as we serve the Lord by serving the greater Lynchburg community!

"I love to get to know community members I may not have become acquainted with otherwise and

hear their stories about God and life and how they intersect." -Cindy

"I love the connection of giving hope to others which reaffirms the power of God's love and spreads

goodness to the world that is in need of hope." -Karo

"I love seeing real change in our clients and seeing the results in the power of prayer." -Gary

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