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The Story of Agape LYH

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The Agape Center is a God lead ministry serving the no-income/low income families and individuals in our community. They do this by providing tangible items to meet the physical needs, as well as mentorship to build trusting, authentic relationships and create a safe environment to offer prayer and support to help meet their emotional and spiritual needs.

The original Agape Center SML opened their doors in 2004 out in Moneta, Virginia, led by Sue Lipscomb. From day one, the small group of Agape volunteers began praying and putting money aside, to one day open another campus. It was 14 years later, when Tabitha North, from Lynchburg, VA, walked through the doors of the Agape SML center and met Sue.

Tabitha was a fairly new Christ follower, but when she said “Yes” to following Him, she jumped all in. Her love and trust in the Lord was strong and God took her out of her comfort zone rather quickly. Her eyes were opened to the hurting people in her area, and so out of her basement, she started Treasure Seekers. This was a way to start collecting household items to provide for people who had no plates, pots, lamps, bedding, etc. Tabitha was able to have one on one conversations with people who had no idea how important they were, let alone loved by God.

After 5 years, her basement could no longer fit all of the items and the need was growing every day. She didn’t want to give up but wasn’t sure what to do, so she prayed for guidance. Through a woman in her Bible Study group, she heard about the Agape SML, (which started out of a church basement). Tabitha contacted Sue and set up a meeting to glean from her years of experience of serving the SML area.

It was in that meeting, having heard Sue’s heart and seeing what God had done through her saying “Yes”, that Sue asked Tabitha, “Would you be willing to start an Agape Center in Lynchburg?”

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