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El Roi...The God Who Sees Me

God can make molehills out of mountains. Recently, an expectant mom was seen at AgapeLYH. She had been discouraged because she and her clinician had gone shopping to find an affordable infant car seat and stroller for her baby and quickly realized that she couldn't afford them. As she was shopping in our children's room, she was so excited to find a pink stroller. She's having a girl and wanted pink, but she would have taken any color. Just as she claimed it, Ms. Robin, an Agape server just "happened" to walk in with an infant car seat that was perfect for her needs: not too big and bulky, and just the right! She began to cry tears of joy as Robin happily explained that God knew her needs and met them in a way far beyond what she could ask or imagine. Our God is "El Roi", the God Who Sees Me. He sees our clients and knows their every need!

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