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A Hurting World....

As I watch the news or scroll through Facebook I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be a part of change instead of adding to the chaos that is all around. I have my own personal hero's throughout history who moved towards the pain and suffering that inspire me to see the world through the lens of an opportunist. People like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Desmond T Doss, and Jesus Christ of course!

Looking at them as people who went beyond themselves. They saw themselves as equals to those around them and chose to be advocates and servants to the suffering and those in need. Not out of pity but love for their fellow neighbor. A calling that only a loving God would ask them to step into.

At the Agape Center Lynchburg we see ourselves in the peoples we serve. We see our children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, friends and family through every individual. Suffering and pain is so close to many of us. Fear seems to be closer. Is paralysis and self preservation even an option? For us at Agape it is not. We show up where Christ is most present. We have no expectations except for Him to work through us and our clients. We are not ignoring what is going on around us, we are engaging.

God reveals Himself through faith in our volunteers and in our clients on a daily basis. Our clients don't know how they will get home after their visit to Agape. Some walk several miles to get to us. Others only have $5 for a cab in hopes it is enough to get them home. Several ride home with beds strapped to the roof or cribs hanging out of car windows to provide for their families. Prayers of faith are answered for spiritual, mental and physical healing. Faith is the power that exists at Agape.

God has revealed to us the church is the answer to the pain, suffering and chaos ensued around us. At Agape Lynchburg we see ourselves as Christs Body. God sends those in need to 3026 Carroll Avenue and He is their waiting to be the answer. To reveal Himself to those willing to come to Him. When we show up at Agape its to see God work in us and those around us. Becoming a stale Christian is not an option for those who serve at Agape. Whether you serve monetarily, tangibly, physically, or with talents God uses it for His good and His glory. Lives are being redeemed, blessed, celebrated and loved as we focus on Him just as others before us throughout history.

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