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A Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out

"I was referred here by another client at a time when I had nothing. I was starting over from a bad relationship and had moved into a house with nothing but my clothes. The people at Agape Lynchburg made me feel like someone…I hadn’t felt that way in a long time. As the months went by, my house was furnished, I got pans to cook, and received other things to make my house a home. I still come every month for my groceries; it helps fill the gaps when my food stamps are running low. I love Agape, especially all the smiling faces!" -Denise

"My cousin informed me about Agape Center Lynchburg. She shared with me first, how caring the staff was, then she shared how they assist families. I signed up to come as we have had some experiences and life changes that have impacted us financially. The food and clothing is a big help as we do not qualify for public assistance. My family is very thankful for this support and though we hope our storm doesn’t last long, we are grateful that this organization is here for families in need." - Melissa

These ladies and their stories are why Agape Center Lynchburg exists. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of our community who need help. Not a hand-out, but a hand-up. Our mission is to "reflect God's love by giving of ourselves and our resources as we submit to the Holy Spirit to mentor and help individuals turn or return to a Christ-centered life." This is done by attending to our clients' tangible needs while also addressing their spiritual needs in a manner that glorifies God. We assure our clients that it is God who is providing for their needs...Agape volunteers just get to help!

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