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A Christmas miracle

Since first opening our doors In 2019, we had already started throwing around the idea of offering a Christmas store with new items for parents to shop for their children. This would be a huge undertaking and therefore in 2019, we did not have enough time to promote such an endeavor to local churches and businesses. Then came 2020.... we were organized and planned way out when we would begin to promote....and then came COVID which put a stop on pretty much everything. Agape volunteers moved into doing the best we could with providing food, clothes, conversations, prayer and loving support to those who came through our doors, and we felt that this year, that’s where our focus needed to stay and perhaps in 2021 we would be able to offer a Christmas Store.... However, God saw things differently. One day, after totally letting go of the Christmas Store idea for 2020, a couple large toy donations were brought to us. All new toys, still in boxes, for children of all ages! We were blown away. There were so many toys we didn’t know what to do with them.... but God did! In the midst of 2020 and all the difficulties that year brought, God showed His incredible love through the generosity of a local family who had recently lost an elderly mother who often purchased toys to save for children in need. Without any advertising or promoting, He provided everything from the toys to the tape, wrapping paper, bows and volunteers! A mother, going through culinary school, found a Barbie baking set for her little girl; a parent trying to bring out the creativity in their child, found a little artist paint set; board games like Trouble, brought memories to older adults and large stuffed animal bears elicited anticipated excitement for the joy they will see in their little child’s eyes on Christmas morning. Christmas is now over as well as 2020. When surrounded by chaos, God was calm. He was in the midst of all the uncertainty yet He provided clarity. There is not one living soul He does not hear or see. He is so overflowing with unconditional love for His people, that it is just like Him to “show off” His goodness in such tangible ways, and making lasting impacts to remind us all “I am here, I am good, I love you."

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