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A blessing in the form of a door!

Almost from Day 1 of setting up the pantry, we realized that at some point, we were going to need a door put in the back for a more convenient delivery. For 2 years our delivery truck would park in the front where we would have to unload, and get 3-4 pallets of food from the front parking lot, through the front door, down the hallway and into the different rooms. Then the refrigerated and frozen items would have to go out to the garage on the other side of the building. Needless to say, this was a long tiring job and no one had to go the gym to lift weights or get their steps in by the time we were finished. One day Tabitha and myself had the privilege of sharing about Agape at Passion Community church. After the service, Don came up to talk with us. He is a contractor and offered his services if there was ever a need. Little did he know what he was offering. After praying, we

met with him and shared our vision of an access door for the food delivery and the need for it to be wide enough for our 2 door refrigerator and freezers to come inside. Don got together with his friend David and after a lot of measuring, cutting, digging, sweating, they got it done! We are truly thankful to God for introducing us to both Don and David, and for their servants hearts to use their gifts for the Lord at Agape. It was A LOT of hard work they put in, in order to make our work a whole lot easier.

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