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In the rejoicing and weeping

This past week, the joy of the Lord was so vibrant at the Agape Center. From the early moments of gathering as a body of believers in study and prayer, to each person bringing donations. From the very first person on the schedule till the last.

We celebrated as grandparents showed off pictures of their precious grandbabies, our neighbors found jobs, and reconnected with others. Still, there was also a great heaviness with many as they poured out their hearts.

One woman was brought in by her cousin first thing in the morning. After pulling one of the leaders aside, the news was shared that the doctors hadn’t given her much time to live. As I led her into the mentoring room, I asked a few questions and then leaned in to listen. A heartbreaking story unfolded with her past full of abuse, the loss of a child, incarceration, homelessness, and now an incurable cancer diagnosis loomed. Still amidst all the tears, a smile spread across her face as she choked out, “But I know Jesus”.

In no way did this truth negate the weight of her situation. The reality that she is losing her vision due to the tumor, the magnitude of the pain, nor even having a bed to sleep on. Yet, she has peace and joy. And whether her healing comes on this side of Heaven or not, she now knows she does not have to bear the weight alone. She was able to get physical necessities and prayers, but also love and encouragement for the days ahead.

Our neighbors come from such diverse backgrounds. Some are believers, while others are hearing about this Jesus for the first time. Still, what a privilege it is to meet them where they are and love deeply. For Jesus celebrated, but He also wept, too. So take heart in knowing He sees you! If there are any prayer requests that you have for us, please feel free to email You are not alone and we would love to come alongside you, too.

Alisha Scroggins

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