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Birthdays. We all have one. We all hope to be celebrated on it. But what happens when your family can’t afford a big to-do? Or, even worse, if your family or friends forget about it altogether? At Agape Center Lynchburg, we don’t forget. We love to celebrate our clients’ big days. Every month, Volunteer Michele makes beautiful Birthday Baskets for clients who are celebrating that month. Any client who celebrates their special day during the month of their visit to Agape gets to choose a basket for themselves. They absolutely LOVE IT and look forward to it. Many is the client who walks in the front door proclaiming that it’s their birthday month and that they get to pick their basket today!

Agape volunteers are excited to get in on the celebration, too. One volunteer handwrites personalized greetings on birthday cards that are included in each basket. In the room where the baskets are displayed, servers sing a cheerful and energetic happy birthday song and drape a hot pink feathery boa around the special celebrant as they sing. The song was written especially for Agape by one of the volunteers:

Happy, happy birthday! We think you’re someone special

We’re glad you came along And we can hardly wait To Agape Lynchburg For you to pick your basket To hear our little song! So we can celebrate! Hey!

One simple gesture goes a very long way. Recently, a client said, “It makes my month to get to pick out a birthday basket. They're filled with such fun things!" Another was so excited and shared that “They're wonderful and it makes me feel so loved!" Everyone should feel special on their birthday. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who make our clients feel loved on their special day!

If you would like to bring a smile to the face of someone special, we accept donations of medium to large wicker baskets and all sorts of “gifty” items. Things such as perfumes, lotions, jewelry, hair items, small candles, etc. for the ladies and for the men, we accept small tools, wallets, coffee mugs & water bottles, razors & shaving cream, etc. Other items such as small Bibles or devotionals, notepads, nice pens, small decor, puzzle/game books (crosswords, word searches, sudoku), and adult coloring books are also welcomed. Please see our list of Birthday Basket items for more ideas HERE.

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