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With our organization’s mission in mind, we are always looking for more churches to partner with us. In order to expand our vision to the Lynchburg community, we need churches to come alongside our ministry and support what we do.  Partner churches are a great resource.  We can refer clients to your congregation when they are ready to plug in to a church, Bible study, or Christian fellowship.  Partners can support us through monetary or item donations.  They can also be a valuable resource for volunteer servers and mentors.

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Agape Center Lynchburg PARTNER CHURCH!


Calvary Baptist Church

Church of the Good Shepherd

Winfall Baptist Church

Blue Ridge Community Church

Victory Christian Fellowship

Greater Grace Chapel-Lynchburg

Heritage Baptist Church


Recently, the air conditioning unit in our rented space died on us. According to our contract, we are responsible for taking care of HVAC units. The choice was to replace the compressor or replace the whole unit. With it being a rental space, we opted for the compressor (the cheaper of the two options), which would still be several thousand dollars.

In the process of wanting to be fiscally responsible and praying for God’s help, we continued on. This past Tuesday, Pastor Kevin Haglund of Heritage Baptist Church had “just so happened” to have scheduled a tour. They had just become ministry partners with AgapeLYH and we were excited to show him around. He got to experience first-hand how hot and miserable it was upstairs.

He informed Debby that they had some extra money at the end of their fiscal year, and would like to donate it to the Agape center. The “extra” money they had was the exact number that we needed to be able to replace the compressor!

We are blown away! God’s timing is amazing! Once again God is in the details and providing our needs, reminding us that nothing is too big or too small for him. What an amazing God we serve!

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